Steve Camara

Brief info

Steve first began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005. Over the proceeding years it found it’s way in and out of his life. It was not until 2011, when he made a commitment to live more healthy, that he bought his fist gi and tied a white belt around his waist.

Falling in love with the art quickly, paired with his commitment to hard work paid off, when in less than one year he was awarded his blue belt from Matt Thornton and Rich Beaupit of Straight Blast Gym. In this time he also reached his goal of losing more than 90 pounds in 10 months.

After spending some time training and competing at blue belt Steve met Daniel Hale, a direct student of BJJ legend Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. Daniel has his own academy called Academix Martial Arts, where he was teaching BJJ taught to him by arguably, the best practitioner of all time.

One afternoon Steve trained with Daniel and his students and he knew that there was something special there. He continued to train with Daniel and has not looked back. In the summer of 2014, BJJ Black Belt and World Champion Laercio Fernandes can to host a seminar at which Steve and some of his training partners got promoted. Daniel and Laercio gave Steve his Purple Belt.

Using this promotion as motivation Steve jumped on the opportunity to take on a coaching role at Academix and began teaching the kid’s and adult’s fundamentals classes. He knew then that this was something he had a true passion for and that he could not live without.

He continued to train diligently and remained committed to hard work and was rewarded by being promoted to the rank of Brown Belt in December of 2017.

Along with teaching at Academia BJJ in Beamsville, Steve still attends classes weekly with Daniel and his training partners at Academix Martial Arts in Burlington. He also continues to test himself and his Jiu Jitsu skills by competing in local and international competitions. His commitment and dedication to the art is unparalleled. He is always continuing to seek out knowledge and information from some of the world’s most accomplished instructors and practitioners. It would be an honour for him to have you come out and try his program at Academia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.